Smart Restart your travel business with Smart guiding technology

Smart Restart your travel business with Smart guiding technology

Smart Restart is a program that helps tourist attractions, destinations, regions and even entire countries to restart tourism faster and safely despite the ongoing Covid-19 threat and make it more sustainable once the pandemic is over. This is achieved by inspiring tourists to visit less frequented sites independently outside the crowds and tour groups with a safe contactless guide. As a result tourism recovers faster, is more evenly distributed across the destination, local businesses catering to tourists prosper, tourists enjoy a more authentic experience and the risk of Covid-19 transmission is minimized.

Participating attractions, destinations, tour operators and even local guides publish digital guides easily and for free using a Content Management System by themselves or can request support from professional guides and storytellers. The SmartGuide platform enhances the content automatically with maps, audio and other information. Authors can offer content publicly to attract more visitors or sell it for extra revenues. The SmartGuide app then guides travelers independently from the comfort and safety of their mobile phone and based on geolocation tells them interesting stories about places they visit just like a live tour guide. It is a safe, engaging, flexible and fully scalable personal tour guide. Learn more about the SmartGuide platform.

The approach was piloted in the Czech Republic where more than 80 partners joined in 3 months. It was sponsored by the local government and chamber of commerce and received a Seal of Excellence in Covid-19 response from the European Commission with recommendation for public funding. It is now expanding into other countries and regions.

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Examples of how partners have benefited:

Big Destination: Prague City Tourism published 10 self-guided tours leading tourists outside the crowded city center. As a result, tourists spend 30% of their time in outer neighbourhoods where they would not otherwise go and they enjoy a more authentic visit.

Small Destination: The visitor center of Podebrady published SmartGuide to attract more domestic tourists and show them the beauty of the town through engaging audio stories. These make places which tourists would otherwise miss more attractive.

Attraction: the Pilsner Urquell brewery and museum replaced foreign speaking guides by SmartGuide so foreign language visitors can join any tour any time instead of waiting hours for a subscale tour in their language. More revenues, fewer costs for live guides.

Tour operator: Big Hop On Bus company replaced an old audio system with SmartGuide app so that they can run the service with any bus and save costs for a dedicated audio system. Visitors get guided also when they hop off and they easily find the next stop. It only took a week.

Tour guide: Hana found that visitors were afraid of hiring a live guide who meets lots of foreigners due to COVID-19. She used extra time she had due to lack of tourism to publish a SmartGuide for her home town. She now guides visitors safely even when she sleeps and makes a passive income.

Local government: the Liberec region looked for an effective promotion of safe and sustainable tourism and chose SmartGuide as the solution with the highest ROI. Local destinations are supported by the SmartGuide team to create digital guides for the upcoming season.

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